Social networks have given birth to fake people with pretentious lives, and this life makes us feel flawed and unhappy. Someone has collected more likes than you, and you are already gripped by anxiety and envy. The feeling of melancholy and depression increase. You get used to the tastes, and if they are less than usual, you get upset. And it lowers your self-esteem. You feel like nothing. Everyone’s excellent, and you feel like a piece of shit!

In social networks, we are forced to imitate the majority not to get chewed up. We become dependent on other people’s opinions, and it is excruciating to perceive the negative in our direction. We feel a fear of rejection in front of others. 

Angry commentators provoke us and drag us into arguments. Political posts encourage us. And we become angry, narrow-minded, selfish, and arrogant. 

Social networks are addictive. People like drug addicts change their personalities over time, sometimes to the point of being unrecognizable. Social networks feed our worst traits, destroy the human soul. We are not interested in finding the truth, and we rely on social networks that make choices for us. Social media modifies our behavior, turning us into stupid assholes 🙂

Social networks collect users‘ data for their dark purposes. Our whole life is in their hands. Social networks know even more about us than we know about ourselves: our beliefs, stereotypes, and fears.

Social networks are a manipulation machine that creates fake news. And it makes only vile, cheeky, and scandalous people popular. Those in the real world are unhappy and helpless, and in the virtual world are super-successful hypocritical kings!

Social networks insidiously influence our behavior through advertising. Forcing us to buy things we don’t need. Bots and scammers are everywhere on social networks.

We are constantly being watched. Society has become a laboratory animal. People have rented themselves out to large corporations that want nothing but their profit.

Social networks plunge us into the information bubble, determining what we should see, listen to, and read. Each person is in their own isolated bubble, and therefore people perceive the same world differently. In social networks, we don’t feel what others feel. Thus, over time, people no longer understand each other. Everything we talk about in social networks becomes meaningless.

Why is social media bad for your self-esteem? Think it’s true? Or maybe I’m lying to you?

What I’ve just listed are these theses from a book by Jaron Lanier called “Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now.” Immediately after its release, the book became a bestseller on Amazon.

Jaron Lanier represents the silicon valley cyber elite, a scientist, inventor, and futurist. At first glance, it is difficult to accuse him of being an Amateur. But being a scientist does not guarantee wisdom.

As if we are idiots and don’t know that social networks are manipulating us. We know this and allow it to social networks. It’s super obvious. And these conspiracy theorists talk about it as if they’ve discovered a new planet.

So you can say about anything. The popular Chips “Lays” is also in a conspiracy against the planet because thousands of people constantly eat them. They manipulate us. We must urgently save the world!

Well, this is nonsense!

Jaron Lanier believes that the only way to protect yourself is to delete all your accounts and wait until social networks become less dangerous. And when social networks close, the world will immediately be filled with pleasant people.

I think this old grandfather was just overexcited. People who call for such radical measures are like fanatics who are disconnected from reality. They often use the word just, just this… just that… Usually, this word is used by all sorts of sectarians. Therefore, if someone in your environment is overexcited and begins to say this word a lot, you should be wary of him.

I believe that you can’t go against nature. The Internet is evolving just like humanity. Young social networks are emerging, offering revolutionary technologies and rapidly gaining an audience. Then these social networks get old, get fat, get impudent, and lose their audience. Thus, social networks appear and disappear, replacing each other as winter and summer. Some live for decades, and some don’t even have time to live a year and disappear without a trace.

Therefore, the social network must evolve and improve. It’s vital.

For example, Vine is no longer a once-popular social network, which did not listen to bloggers, did not implement new functionality, and quickly collapsed. And there would not have been an adored Instagram if Zuckerberg hadn’t promptly stolen the “Story” feature from the Snapchat social network.

And YouTube duck, in general, allowed anyone to show the whole world their creativity and even make money on it. It has never happened before in the history of humanity. When you are without connections and money, we live in a unique time, can rise from the bottom.

A striking example is the story of musician Lil Nas X (Montero Lamar), who unraveled the principles of how social networks work and used their algorithms to his advantage, instantly becoming the most popular in the United States from scratch.

He used popular video memes on Twitter and Tiktok, adding his music to them. Thus, the unknown young author reached a multi-million audience and broke the record for holding first place on the Billboard music chart.

No one knew him, no one promoted him, and no one wanted his music, but thanks to social media, he was nominated in six Grammy categories in 2019. Yesterday you were a bum, and today you’re famous all over the planet. Simply by revealing your potential and showing creativity in social networks, you can fly to the heavens.

If you were born a peasant earlier in the middle ages, and that’s all, you always have to be one, and you can’t change anything. You spend your life forging swords and chopping wood. And now, a person opens up limitless possibilities. And all this with the coming of social networks.

For some reason, Jaron Lanier saw only the opposing sides of social networks and completely missed the positive ones. He wrote his book as if everything in the ordinary world was fine, but then suddenly, social networks appeared, and it became terrible. And suddenly plunged the planet into hell. But it was always awful!

The reality is that at all times, in all countries, it has been f***** up, and it is f***** up, and it will be f***** up because this is the basis for the meaning of reality. The best movies are violent. The best games are harsh. Humanity is part of nature, and nature itself is regulated, just like social networks.

When the dinosaurs lived, and they died out. If they hadn’t died out, we humans wouldn’t be here now. And maybe sometime in the future, if we don’t die out, there won’t be a new and more advanced civilization.

So it’s all just a whining old fart. Yes, it would be best if you studied it. It is useful. Well, I wrote a book, well, well done, the man is fumbling. But do not whine and shout about deleting your account on all social networks!

If a person initially knows how to think soberly, think logically, then he will not get bogged down in all this network bullshit. He will be able to control his attention. And if he can’t do it, it’s his fault. The dummy himself. In the course of natural selection, these individuals will leave our world.

There have always been many primitive addicts, even before the advent of social networks. Here’s what’s interesting, so what will it become, in 30-50 or 100 years? I wish I could see into the future. Google believes that you can download any person’s consciousness to a USB stick in the future, uploaded it to the Internet, and the person will become immortal.

What do you think? I think people who write objective comments are of the higher race! Join us, and I’ll give you an antidepressant-like! And the old farts will now embody radical harmony in words and will demonstrate the wonders of stupidity. Good luck!

Featured Image Courtesy – Julia M Cameron from Pexels

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