WordPress is a great platform for site deployment. But even in this reliable engine, WordPress crashes occur.

Therefore, it is important to know the reasons why your site may stop working.

1. Removal of critical resources

Sometimes site owners may accidentally delete:

  • A plugin that is essential for site functionality.
  • Updated Files
  • User profiles for the site.
  • Published articles.
  • Photos, logos and theme files.

Before making changes to the site, be sure to back up all the files that you are going to delete or edit. With it, you can restore the previous version of the files.

2. Plugin related errors

Plugins provide additional functionality. But sometimes they conflict with each other, disrupting the performance of the site.

Therefore, before installing, carefully check each plugin. If a plug-in conflict caused the site to fail, be sure to determine its source. To do this, restore the sequence of the following actions:

  1. Installing an unfamiliar plugin
  2. Updating an already used plugin.
  3. Making changes to the theme of the site.
  4. Modify PHP files.

3. The domain has expired

Domain name expiration is a common cause of WordPress site crashes. But such a problem is easiest to prevent and fix.

A domain name requires regular renewal of registration. Log in to the registrar service and make sure that the contact information you provided and the payment method is still relevant.

4. Traffic surges

Can a site server cope with a sudden influx of traffic? WordPress constantly reminds its customers that the power of a CMS depends on the server hardware. Companies that do not take this into account may not be ready for a sharp increase in traffic.

Sometimes WordPress crashes due to errors that occur on the side of platform users. But in rare cases, they may be related to problems on the hosting side. Therefore, subscribe to the hosting service support list.

6. Random power off

Data centres use Emergency Power Off (EPO) systems. They help prevent fires and minimize damage from various emergencies. But if someone accidentally launches EPO, your site may cease to exist. WordPress users have the ability to back up their entire site using third-party tools.

Don’t let downtime confuse you

Now you know much more about the types of crashes that occur in sites. And also about measures that can be taken to eliminate them.



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