Modern plugins for creating a basket for a site is not just a passive tool with which you can give users the opportunity to “ postpone ” goods until a final purchase decision is made. They have sophisticated, advanced features. In this article, we’ve compiled ten of the best shopping cart plugins that seamlessly integrate with WordPress.

What is required of a WordPress eCommerce shopping cart plugin?

WordPress shopping cart plugins are a way to sell through a WordPress site. Requirements for them:

  • Easy to use interface;
  • Support for leading payment systems;
  • Convenient setup;
  • Compatibility with the selected theme.

It is necessary that the plugin used supports the maximum possible number of payment systems without sacrificing features.

As for compatibility and customization, you need to use a suitable theme that will be both flexible and powerful.

Top 10 WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins

Before we look at the list of basket plug-ins for a site in PHP, I would like to note that it lacks some popular tools. They simply did not meet our standards for reviews or ratings, while others did not update for quite some time. What remains are the top ten plugins for creating a WordPress shopping cart.

1. WooCommerce


With it, you can sell digital and physical goods, buyers, in turn, will be able to immediately download a digital product. Affiliate sales of goods from online platforms are also supported. It is possible to create uniform tariffs and free delivery options, to carry out payments in real-time.

In addition, WooCommerce offers a number of free extensions with which you can implement features such as periodic subscriptions, memberships, order systems, etc.

Key features of the plugin:

  • Allows you to sell both digital and physical goods;
  • It offers a number of free and premium modules for expanding functionality;
  • Offers an option for worldwide shipping;
  • Supports bank transfers, cash on delivery and PayPal.

Price: Free | Additional Information

2. eCommerce Shopping Cart

ECommerce Shopping Cart

An advanced plugin for creating a shopping cart on a site that integrates seamlessly with WordPress. It is similar to WooCommerce because it allows you to sell both digital and physical goods, and also supports gift certificates.

Supports multiple payment options. The plugin also includes several built-in marketing and advertising tools ( coupons and others ), analytical components and social buttons for each element.

Although you can download the plugin for free, you still have to purchase a license ( from $ 50 per site ).

Key Features:

  • Supports popular payment services;
  • Offers a multi-level pricing system, B2B prices recommended products and much more;
  • Supports worldwide shipping;
  • Includes marketing and advertising tools;
  • Allows tracking e-commerce conversions;
  • Possibility of sharing.

Price : from $ 50 | Additional Information

3. Cart66


Cart 66

The safest eCommerce option on WordPress. The plugin helps ensure that the online store meets PCI requirements. It supports the sale of digital and physical goods, allows customers to create accounts at the time of purchase.

Cart66 also includes a re-billing mechanism that works great with 102 supported payment gateways and allows you to take into account taxes and discounts when placing an order.

Cart66 offers a 14-day free trial of the basket script for the site. The cost of use is from $ 9.99 per month.

Key features of the plugin:

  • Allows customers to create accounts with the ability to save credit card information and order history;
  • Offers a built-in email centre that communicates with existing customers;
  • Re-billing mechanism;
  • Supports over 100 payment systems.

Price: from $ 9.99 per month | Additional Information

4. Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

ECommerce Shopping Cart

The plugin is used by more than a million sellers worldwide. Supports over 40 payment options and 45 different languages.

This plugin stores all data in the cloud with automatic updates and backups. It also offers free mobile apps for iOS and Android that turns your device into a point of sale ( POS ).

Key Features:

  • Allows you to store data in the cloud;
  • Free apps for iOS and Android ;
  • Support integration with Facebook ;
  • Check HTTPS and more than 40 payment options.

Price : from $ 0 | Additional Information

5. PayPal Shopping Cart

Paypal Shopping Cart

Allows you to place PayPal buttons with the words ” Add to Cart ” and ” View Cart ” anywhere on the site. Payments are processed by PayPal with a credit or debit card.

At the moment, the shopping cart plugin for the site is free, only fees for transactions are charged. There is also a PayPal Pro offer that extends the functionality of the plugin and allows you to perform basic settings for buttons, taxes and discounts.

Key Features:

  • The function of creating quick access buttons;
  • Supports 25 currencies and 18 languages;
  • Includes two button styles, as well as a choice of store URLs and payments.

Price: Free | Additional Information

6. WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

The plugin offers a simple, minimalistic basket for the site. It easily integrates into any page, post, or sidebar of a WordPress site. Allows you to sell both physical and digital goods, including audio files, PDF files, photos, videos and much more.

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart is free, but a fee is charged for goods.

Key Features:
  • Allows you to insert the ” Add to Cart ” button with various design options;
  • Minimalistic approach – facilitates the work with the code and helps reduce loading time to a minimum.

Price: Free | Additional Information

7. Ecommerce WD

ECommerce WD

It provides convenient customization in combination with some advanced features, including intelligent sorting, filtering and product search. It works with PayPal and allows you to calculate taxes and shipping costs for groups, and not for individual products. The plugin also offers integration with social networks.

Ecommerce WD has both a free and a premium version, offering additional theme support and other benefits.

Key features of this basket of goods for a site:

  • Allows you to create an unlimited number of categories and products;
  • Allows you to find information using an effective search function;
  • Allows you to specify the types of taxes and methods of delivery for groups, and not for individual products;
  • It offers customization of templates and integration with social networks.

Price: from $ 0 | Additional Information

8. Selz eCommerce Shopping Cart

Selz Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Suitable for people without web programming skills. The plugin is compatible with almost all WordPress themes. It is a reliable, full-featured solution for the sale of physical goods, services and digital products.

The plugin automatically generates secure links for downloading sold digital products. The functionality of the store can be implemented using a variety of free and premium applications, including PayPal support and integration with MailChimp.

The Selz eCommerce Shopping Cart plugin is free, although a transaction fee is charged.

Key Features:

  • Offers secure download options for digital products;
  • Supports a variety of delivery options for physical goods;
  • Provides various applications to expand the functionality of the store;
  • The function of selling and posting links on TwitterPinterest and Facebook in one click;
  • The basket script for the HTML site includes a special template for the Facebook store.

Price: Free | Additional Information

9. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads

An e-commerce plugin designed to sell digital goods. This is minimalism at its best!

AmazonPayPal, and test payments are supported by default. There are also many premium extensions to help improve the store. Easy Digital Downloads is completely free – this means that the transaction fee does not apply to your sales.

Key Features:

  • Test payment function;
  • Provides users with complete purchase history, as well as the ability to re-download purchased goods;
  • Allows you to set different price options for each product;
  • Export data in CSV and PDF format ;
  • Includes a robust promotional code system.

Price: Free | Additional Information

10. Jigoshop


A dynamic e-commerce solution that positions itself as a powerful alternative to WooCommerce. The shopping cart plugin for the site provides a high level of user control, and the development team regularly releases updates and new features.

The Jigoshop plugin has a large number of extensions that will help improve the store. The plugin itself is free, although some extensions come for a fee.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to sell both digital and physical goods;
  • The function of grouping goods;
  • Offers affiliate product support;
  • Inventory management and advanced reporting;
  • It offers over 100 extensions, and new ones appear every month.

Price: Free | Additional Information


The ten shopping cart plugins for the site that we covered in this article provide basic functionality. But each of them has its own unique functions.



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