Top Tip To Steal Your Competitors Backlinks. Purchase a standard plan ($179) in Ahrefs and follow the below steps –

First, Add your project i.e. “” without quotes

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After adding you will be taken to the below screen, again add the domain name as below

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Add all your desired keywords separated with commas. I’m not putting my keywords here 🙂

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Add your competitors. Suggest you go to google and put your main keyword and search. Then you open the top 10 competitor’s link and paste it. Ahrefs also provides you with competitor ideas

This will lead you to your dashboard, and here is where the backlinking game starts.

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Click on the domain name in bold towards the left. This takes you to the main area where you get all the details about your website. Ahrefs Rank, Domain Rating, URL Rating, Backlinks, Referring Domains, Organic Keywords etc. These are of your website. You can click on backlinks to see which all sites link to you.

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Likewise, put your competitor’s link 1 by 1 as in below

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You can see all the details of your competitor. Go to their backlink profile and click on DR to sort it in the order of ranking i.e. Top to Bottom. Now click on each link and try replicating whatever your competitor has done. You can select only dofollow links. Suggest you do a mixture of both. You can also check for .edu and .gov links in this manner and place your backlink. This is the first thing you need to do – replicating your competitor’s backlinks. After this you can do guest posting, dofollow blog commenting, do follow social bookmarking etc…..the list goes on… Check out my answers on, probably you find loads of quality information.

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