Twitter has grown to nearly 500 million users. Making the most of ad revenue, according to eMarketer, Twitter will earn $ 259.9 million this year.

An advertisement on Twitter, wrapped in 140 characters, integrates with the user experience (user experience), allowing you to customize relevant displays, choose payment methods.

Ad relevance is based on the similarity of user interests.

A unique feature of advertising on Twitter is that users can interact with ads at various levels: click on links, retweet, @ reply to messages, add to favorites.

Twitter advertising can address some common marketing goals, including:

  • Promotions: recommended for urgent events.
  • Brand Awareness: Allows advertisers to interact with a potentially new audience.
  • Followers: Pay-per-follow grows a follower base and uses this audience for future promotions and dialogue.

Twitter has three types of ads:

1. Promoted accounts

When an advertiser promotes an account, Twitter identifies accounts that are similar to an advertiser’s account. The social network can recommend Promoted Accounts to users who follow similar accounts.

Twitter Promoted Account

The price of each follower depends on the demand for a specific audience (more demand, more expensive follower). This allows the brand to quickly build its own base of subscribers – friends who are ready to read its messages on Twitter.

2. Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets appear right in the general stream, among ordinary tweets. The brand selects keywords and when searching for a user on Twitter, he will be shown an advanced tweet. Payment is made for interaction (click, reply or retweet).

Promoted Tweets

3. Promoted Trends

Promoted trends are displayed in the list of Hot Topics (Trends) by popular hashtags and keywords marked “Promoted”.

Promoted Trends in Twitter

Promoted trends – not the cheapest type of promotion, but it is one of the most effective, allowing you to collect a huge number of impressions in a short time.

Despite the opportunities that Twitter provides in India, such advertising is still not a popular promotion tool among online agencies.



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