As long as Twitter exists, so many users think about how to correctly publish messages in the service so as not to be considered a spammer and not lose followers. It turns out that there are certain rules that allow the Twitter user to “save” their face in the microblogging service and not become too intrusive. So, putting together the advice of a Social Media Marketing guru, we get the following list NO:

Automatic messages

Direct messages work well and please users if they do not look automatic. When sending someone a message, try to make it as personalized as possible. You should not use tools to send new automated direct messages. Do not forget that social media is about a person and for a person. And if someone started a dialogue with you, support him, do not leave messages unanswered.

Following on the mechanics

You should not blindly follow everyone who has followed you. This will not add to your popularity, but the tape can clog pretty much.

Hashtag abuse

Hashtags allow you to organize tweets around one common topic. But agree, read a message like:

“It is interesting to read*(Y^@78 #seo #social #searchengineoptimization #laseo #nyseo #search”

is not very comfortable. When users get bored with seeing such three-story piles of hashtags in the stream, they unsubscribe. No chance to follow again.

Inspirational quotes

In addition to hashtags, users are not able to endure for a long time those whose posts are entirely composed of inspirational quotes. Be more original, create something of your own (even if it will be a link to some website). As it turned out, Twitter users are much more relaxed about the links than the constant tweets of “smart thoughts of smart people.”

Bulk tweets

When you send 10 tweets at a time, this does not increase the likelihood that you will be noticed. It also does not increase the chances that someone will click on one of your links. But the likelihood that your tweets will be ignored or follow you up increases significantly. You can somehow understand and forgive the high concentration of tweets in the mornings, but even then, more than 5 tweets published right away greatly annoy subscribers. By the way, studies show that the number 1 reason you can follow is that you tweet too often.

However, among my list of “no” in the first place are the check-ins. Until now, I can’t understand the users whose messages all consist of the location where they are currently located. What do they want to say by that? And what do those who fall asleep on the tweet feed with links to Instagram plate photos want to say? In general, automatic services that allow you to broadcast messages on Twitter are a clear evil for the microblogging service.

What Twitter habits annoy you? Let’s discuss in the comments.




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