Video content is interesting to and sought after by users. 

Only statistics provided by YouTube can easily surprise an outside observer: more than 201.4 billion. page views per month, more than 17.6 million. visitors per month and the number of queries with the word “Video” in search engines increased 4.5 times. Looking at these numbers, we can confidently say that promotion using video is one of the most promising ways to promote.

Why is this tool so low in demand?

The reason is simple. Myths and remnants of the past:

1. Promotion using video is unprofitable due to the novelty and lack of predicted user response. It is a myth. Modern technology allows you to control and direct the opinion of most users.

2. You should not even start, as the complex and intricate mechanisms for implementing the finished video will minimize the effect. Myth. The mechanisms of video distribution have long turned into a verified and clear algorithm of actions.

3. The sheer cost of online video advertising is not worth it. Twice a myth. Firstly, the real cost of video on the Internet is several orders of magnitude lower than on television. Secondly, the conversion from the high-quality video just rolls over.

But what should be an effective video?

The effectiveness of the video depends on the correct correlation of the topics of the business, its purpose and its execution. In other words, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to three factors: determine the target audience, choose the task that this video will solve, and ideally select the presentation form of our main idea.

In terms of the ratio of its elements, video is divided into image and advertising; educational and viral. Let’s consider them in more detail:

An image video is a story about a company, an interview with an expert, expert comments, a company presentation, a promotional video, a video report from the event, video reviews, etc. The main purpose of this video is to build the image of the company, a certain (positive) attitude towards it.

An advertising video is aimed at increasing recognition, promoting a product, creating the right associations and revealing product features. The main objective of an advertising video is the presentation of a product, service, brand, company.

The training video is divided into video instructions, a demonstration of a product or a kit: deliveries, reviews, conference reports, video lectures, webinars. The main goal of the training video is to build customer loyalty and trust by providing useful knowledge.

And finally, a viral video. It affects human emotions: shocking, scaring, provoking, motivating, pleasing. It is aimed at the mass audience reach and is distributed by users independently. It is necessary to increase the recognition of the product, brand, company.

The video must be high quality

Quality is the benefit, pleasure, interest, and intensity of the emotions experienced. Quality is the technical literacy in the implementation of the video, the most relevant to its purpose. For most users, the optimal time for perceiving video content is 2-3 minutes. In this case, you must strictly adhere to the rule: one video is one idea. You can’t overload the video with ideas, as the attention of users is scattered throughout the viewing. Most do not inspect the overloaded movie to the end.

Video promotion

Video as a gourmet dish: it’s important not only to cook deliciously but also to serve correctly. At the same time, 50% of the resources are spent on creating a video, and 50% on promotion.

Video creation takes place in 4 stages:

1. Work with video hosting sites (YouTube and Vimeo as the main sites):

  • definition of keywords;
  • titles, description, tags;
  • multiboot;
  • Commenting
  • increase in the number of likes;
  • adding links, video responses, etc. (as part of the promotion on video hosting, these actions are necessary).

2. Work with own resources:

3. Distribution through thematic sites.

4. Email-mailing to existing partner databases.

Thus, the formula for high-quality video looks like the sum of three components: an interesting idea, excellent implementation, and effective promotion. Video advertising is a new era virus. And with the right ratio of these components and a clear understanding of the purpose, video content becomes a powerful and inexpensive tool in your hands.



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