What type of advertising is more effective on Facebook: paid promotion of posts (Promoted Posts) or Sponsored Stories? On the SEOmoz decided to conduct an experiment to compare both formats. But for starters, there’s a little background for those who don’t have a good idea of ​​what these terms mean, which do not yet have a suitable Russian-language replacement.

Promoted Post and Sponsored Stories

In late May, Facebook launched the Promoted Posts tool, which allows brand page owners to show content to more users than usual for the money.

facebook promoted posts

Content published on the community page in their news feed is seen only by a small percentage of subscribers. By investing a certain amount in the promotion, the owner of the page can ensure that more people see the publication. The price options that the social network offers (from $ 5) depend on the number of subscribers.

Another Facebook promotion tool is Sponsored Stories. This ad format is placed on the right and targeting options are available to it. The main advantage of these ads is that they will be seen by people who are not yet fans of the brand.

facebook sponsored stories

Promoted Post vs Sponsored Story

Which of the two formats is more efficient? SEOmoz took one of their publications and tried to promote it using the tools presented.

$ 100 was spent on Promoted Posts. The results were as follows: coverage – 26,275 people, the number of clicks – 1,311, activities (likes, sharing, etc.) – 198. CTR was 4.99%, CPC – $ 0.076.

Sponsored Stories ads targeted 266,580 people in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or Australia who were interested in SEO. The coverage amounted to 44,247. Activity – 16, number of clicks – 162, CTR 0.366%, CPC $ 1.44.

Thus, engagement and CTR Promoted Posts were higher than Sponsored Story, and cost-per-click was significantly lower.


According to representatives of SEOmoz, the combination of Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories helped to achieve indicators that have never been seen on their social network page before. But, nevertheless, they recommend that advertisers test these tools themselves. The fact that one company gets certain results does not mean that the other company will have the same indicators. Therefore, experiment to understand what works best for your brand.

If you have conducted such experiments or have similar promotion experience using different advertising formats, share the results with us.

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