Digital marketing is the marketing of products and services that use digital technology to interact with consumers at all stages. Unlike Internet marketing, it uses not only global but also offline channels: for example, Point of Sales (POS) terminals or smart electronic gadgets.

Digital is gaining special popularity in the segment of b2c and b2b. It allows you to interact closely with consumers and to cover a large part of the target audience and therefore has high efficiency. For example, it is widely used for promoting brands like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, and their earnings can be judged by the cost of the flagship smartphone and the degree of popularity of the companies.

The Tools Of Digital Marketing

The tools of digital marketing include all the activities that allow you to inform a large number of people or to attract the attention of the target audience to the product or the company itself. They can be used on different channels. Often multiple tools of digital marketing are working together.

  • SEOsearch engine optimization, through which you can improve your site position in search results for certain queries.
  • QR codes in offline — you can use them for motivation to install the application.
  • Display advertising — placing ads on sites that match the theme of your business.
  • TV advertising — expensive commercials that are broadcast all over the country
  • Banner ads — banner ads of your product/service/website that are placed on the relevant thematic resources.
  • Radio ads — a costly but effective tool with a wide audience of listeners.
  • Viral advertising — ads that make it popular with the users themselves — for example, advertising with a lot of reposts.
  • Promotional window — the window is pop up on the resource with the close theme.
  • Email-newsletter — mailing database e-mail addresses or database of addresses of clients of your company.
  • Ads in apps advertising Windows that show users of games or other applications on mobile phones.
  • Targeted advertising — a personalized advertisement corresponding to user requests.
  • Native advertising is a natural promotional material to third-party resources, for example, a review on your product.
  • SMS messaging — sending messages according to the standard or target database of your customers.
  • Content marketing — attracting customers by publishing interesting and useful content.

The tools in the field of digital Marketing also includes advertising any other type — for example, the rollers in the machines for charging phones or a beautiful banner on the interactive window in the store.

Channels of Promotion in the Digital sphere

World global network (Internet). This channel includes all devices with access to the Internet — mobile phones, tablets, laptops, personal computers. Online advertising in search results on third party sites, teaser networks social networks. This is are videos, articles, posts, audio, pictures, including infographics.

Digital TV. It is every year stronger displaces market with an analogue TV and more integrated with the Internet. The basic format of promotion — short videos with voice acting, which broadcast during the commercial breaks. There are also infomercials that sell products, and tickers, but they are rarely used.

Mobile device. The most popular promotion channels in Digital Marketing — SMS, branded applications and WOW calls. Ads may also appear in third-party applications — for example, often advertise the game.

LAN. Most often, the promotion of effective local networks that are integrated with the Internet. Such networks include a corporate network companies network urban areas and other “enterprises”.

Smart gadgets. Most of them have Internet access on the WiFi module. These devices include smartwatches, smart scales, fitness bracelets and other gadgets. Advertising in them is not popular — most often, users interact with branded applications.

Interactive screens. These include digital advertising banners, screens virtual fitting room in a store, POS terminals, apparatus for charging smartphones and other devices. The main tool of this channel — promotional videos or ads. Also, use branded interactive screens.

Digital-art. It is an art form that is created or transmitted using digital technology. The artworks will include games, music, pictures and other works. The primary way of advertising — branding: the company logo in a prominent place.

Examples of Digital Marketing Campaign

MCDonalds Mobile App

Brand – McDonald’s: One of the most striking examples of the use of digital marketing in the promotion of the brand the advertising campaign of McDonald’s. The company is constantly releasing new videos on digital TV. For example, it is already firmly entrenched slogan “McDonald’s — that’s what I love.” In addition to placing commercials on TV, the brand actively conquering social network — for example, in LinkedIn groups, one of which is the community for employees. The brand can also be seen on interactive screens, the Internet, to hear about him on the radio.



Brand – Fiat: A less obvious example of the use of digital Marketing — app “Fiat”. Every time they release a new car brand they want to convey to users the characteristics of the model. On TV you can’t do that — all information will not fit in one movie. Use of print media is not very efficient So the brand has created its own app, where users are interested to talk about the characteristics of the new model and conduct prize drawings. However, now this app is almost not used.


LG Vacuum Cleaner

Brand – LG: Another interesting example of the use of a complex tool of digital marketing — viral advertising from LG. When the company released a new vacuum cleaner, they released a promotional video, which has garnered over 20,00,000 views on the famous video hosting YouTube. The idea of this commercial vacuum cleaner can handle even the subcutaneous fat in centerfolds. This idea is funny, unusual, bordering on delirium. Therefore, it is of interest to the user, and the video became viral. This is another plus to the popularity of the brand and increase the number of buyers cleaner.


starbucks mobile app

Brand – Starbucks: Another good example of the successful use of digital marketing “from the past” — Starbucks. In 2009-2010, they began to lose the bulk of the visitors, because they can’t have updated the concept. The station ceased to condition the premium cost, so consumers preferred cheaper places.  The company’s management took the decision to launch the project My Starbucks idea. Users registered in it, could offer their ideas for improving coffee shops and vote for ideas of other users. The most popular suggestions were realized that the newly made coffee popular.



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